Lunch & Learns

Lunch & Learns bring together people from across your team to collaborate and learn over a meal, and can drive personal, team and business development.

Our standard offerings are below. Feel free to contact us to develop something customized for your team.

Conflict Management

From small disagreements to potentially explosive situations, conflict is a natural part of our lives. Learn a proven strategy that will help you be upfront and honest in dealing with conflict, resulting in increased harmony in your life.

Managing Emotions

Losing your temper, overreacting and getting stressed out can get in the way of positive relationships, and profoundly affect your well-being. Learn how to stay cool and calm, no matter how much pressure you’re under.

Stress Management

Understanding what your stress triggers are, will help you to be better prepared for those unexpected events that inevitably enter our lives. Take the steps necessary to minimize daily stressors and make your life more fulfilling and enjoyable.

Managing Interruptions

Do you ever feel like your day is made up of one interruption after another? By understanding and identifying your top interruptions, you can learn surprisingly effective solutions for successfully setting priorities and managing them. Managing Interruptions has a lot more to do with discipline than organization and time management… and discipline is a skill that anyone can conquer.

Personality Differences

Are you a stickler for details? Do you love new challenges? Can you get things done under pressure?  Discover the tremendous personal empowerment that comes from knowing and understanding your personality type, and what it means in terms of dealing with those you live and work with.

Dealing with Difficult People

Difficult people are anything but in short supply, and the buttons they push create patterns of predictability in our own behaviors. Walk through the challenge of correctly identifying why we react the way we do and learn concrete ways to deal with these challenges so that the repetitive patterns finally cease.

The New “Generation Gap”

For the first time in our nation’s history, America has seven living generations, and six generations in the workplace. In this session, you will understand the characteristics and core values of the five generations in today’s workplace and learn about their varying styles of communication. Finally, you’ll pick up some tips on how best to bridge that generation gap and embrace the benefits of a multi-generational workforce.

Effective Communication

Communication is one of the most important factors influencing the success of organizations and individuals. Communication errors and misunderstandings can result in lost opportunities, lost productivity and, worst of all, a loss of connection and trust. Knowing your audience and sending a clear, concise message is only the beginning of taking control over all your communications.

Unconscious Bias

What is unconscious bias, and how does it affect your day-to-day interactions and decision-making? Our tendency to see the world through a lens that favors our own reality complicates matters as our workplaces become more and more diverse. Examine the direct link between personal bias and unconscious thinking, and how they can affect our beliefs and actions, and learn about The Cycle of Consciousness©, a process by which we can achieve more intentional outcomes. By making the unconscious conscious, you can consciously choose to create a workplace that encourages authenticity and inclusion.

Embracing Change

Developing a positive approach to both expected and unexpected change is an essential and valuable skill to possess in today’s workplace. The need to adjust and alter our plans and expectations, drive what is now considered a normal part of life. Change is inevitable and necessary in order for businesses and organizations to survive and thrive. Our attitude and perspective as we go through it will make all the difference to our organization and to our own personal success.