To provide training and coaching that enlightens, excites, and educates the audience, thereby allowing organizations and individuals to benefit from the energy and development of their personnel and themselves.


We provide a wide range of training and coaching services to strengthen your team and accelerate your success. We can quickly deliver training programs that we have already developed, or we can work with you to customize our services to meet your business needs.


Our team building programs focus on bringing out the best in your team. Our focus is on individual growth, clear communication, improved leadership skills, and the ability to work closely together.

Our team building programs range from simple “getting to know you” exercises to multi-day retreats and can be customized to cover a wide range of areas, such as Diversity, High-Impact Performance, Clarity in Communication, and much more.

Team Building Programs can be customized in the areas of:
  • Diversity
  • High Impact Performance
  • Clarity in Communication
  • Conflict and Stress Management
  • Ownership, Commitment, Buy-in
  • Team and Personal Accountability
  • Group Dynamics
  • Behavioral Styles
  • Problem Solving and Feedback

Effective team leadership depends on leadership abilities. A Good Team Leader:

  • Knows and strives for the goal
  • Ensures a cooperative environment
  • Builds the team members confidence
  • Sets and works through priorities
  • Manages performance through feedback

In any business team building is important. The focus is to concentrate in bringing out the best in a team – this ensures individual growth, clear communication, improved leadership skills and the ability to work closely together.

Every team building program illustrates a common understanding of communication and teamwork; and the impact it has on an organization, its management, employees, job performance and the workplace.

Team building ranges from simple “getting to know” you exercises to honest and open multi-day retreats. This includes personal and group assessment to help individuals to understand their roles and how others perceive them. The goal is to help them understand problem-solving in a group setting and be open to addressing difficult issues and willing to take the agreed upon action.


We can work with you to understand your specific business needs and develop and deliver a customized training plan to meet those needs. Topics include Communication Skills, Leadership, Project and Time Management, and much more.

Customized Training Areas:

  • Communication Skills
  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Professional Development
  • Human Resources
  • Project and Time Management
  • Lunch & Learn Events

By understanding your specific business needs and challenges we are able to create a design that works within your business plan. A collaborative and consultative approach ensures clear objectives and outcomes, allowing us to meet our commitment to deliver results based, innovative training.


Our business coaching services offer personal support and feedback coupled with practical and structured business planning. This approach fosters an environment of “disciplined accountability” to ensure your success.

Business Coaching is about

  • Developing personal performance
  • Increasing performance potential…
  • Accelerating success
  • Developing influence
  • Developing ability to motivate
  • Increasing job satisfaction
  • Identifying a plan for personal growth
  • Planning career development

Business coaching offers personal support and feedback with practical and structured business planning and brings a disciplined accountability. It increases performance potential and helps career development. In the small business market, it is also about driving profit as much as it is about developing the person.


“I have been working with Margarita, as my business coach, since about January, 2008. She has not only helped me to successfully deal with others in business but has also inspired and empowered me for personal growth. My attitude has changed and others have shared their appreciation for the improved communication and commitment to our team goals. I have learned to evaluate situations, try to negotiate more and most importantly – to stay in integrity. I am more fulfilled in my job and those around me seem to like the change. Margarita’s commitment to my personal success really makes this a team venture. She is a source of accountability and a plethora of guidance and wisdom. I look forward to our continued achievements.”


We know everyone is busy and not always ready for a private coaching session. In this thought we provide a Lunch & Learn series where you can join with peers and engage with us on a variety of timely topics that will fire up your learning passions while ‘breaking bread’.

Below are a few of the topics we cover in our Lunch & Learns:

Work-Life Balance
Work and home—it seems impossible to balance these two often-opposing forces, doesn’t it? Reconciling this tug-of-war is important—in fact, your health, happiness and career may depend on it. Learn the choice is yours as we examine new and simple solutions for making your life work.
Conflict Management
From small disagreements to potentially explosive situations, conflict is a natural part of our lives. Learn a proven strategy that will help you be upfront and honest in dealing with conflict, resulting in increased harmony in your life.
Managing Emotions
Losing your temper, overreacting and getting stressed out can get in the way of positive relationships, and profoundly affect your well-being. Learn how to stay cool and calm, no matter how much pressure you’re under.
Finding Your Passion
Are you living the way you want, a life that honors and reflects what your values are? Look at ways to reignite your passion for those things that are truly important to you.
Stress Management
Understanding what your stress triggers are, will help you to be better prepared for those unexpected events that inevitably enter our lives. Take the steps necessary to minimize daily stressors and make your life more fulfilling and enjoyable.
Time Management
Do you have the desire to take better control of your time, ultimately utilizing your time better? Learn surprisingly effective solutions that will make you less harried, more productive—and, ultimately, more successful.
Personality Differences
Are you a stickler for details? Do you love new challenges? Can you get things done under pressure? Discover the tremendous personal empowerment that comes from knowing and understanding your personality type.
Dealing With Difficult People

Difficult people are anything but in short supply, and the buttons they push create patterns of predictability in our own behaviors. Walk through the challenge of correctly identifying why we react the way we do and learn concrete ways to deal with these challenges so that the repetitive patterns finally cease.


Headshot of Margarita Sarmiento
Margarita Sarmiento
Margarita Sarmiento designs, develops and delivers customized training programs for public, non-profit and for-profit organizations. These programs focus on improving performance and increasing profits by capitalizing on the diversity of the workforce, and engaging participants in thought-provoking, interactive workshops.

An experienced key-note speaker, Margarita has the ability to intuitively connect with people by sharing her expertise through real-life stories and hands-on experiences.

As a Business Coach, Margarita is committed to assisting business leaders in becoming engaged, empowered, and accountable, and to experience consistently-improving performance. This makes her an asset to any leader or company desiring to improve bottom-line results.

With over twenty five years of management, consulting and training experience, Margarita has worked with numerous companies and organizations, encompassing the areas of management, team-building, leadership, organizational planning, interpersonal communication, cross cultural communication and diversity.

She has been called on to successfully consult and train in a variety of industries, including Hospitality, Healthcare, Transportation, Finance, Insurance, Law Enforcement, Government and Education.

In her prior career, Margarita worked in corporate and not-for-profit management and training, with Progressive Companies and Busch Entertainment Corporation, as well as serving as the Director of Corporate Initiatives for the National Conference for Community and Justice. Currently, Margarita serves as an award winning trainer and consultant for numerous companies including the Pascall Company and SkillPath Seminars.

Margarita is a graduate of Florida State University where she received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications. She currently calls Tampa, FL home, although her work offers opportunity for travel across the US and internationally, providing constant opportunities to add to her experiences and stories.



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